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A Million Ways to Die in the West - A million ways to laugh

This is the most I’ve laughed in a movie since I saw 21 Jump Street. I have a new admiration for Seth MacFarlane. I was at one time a fan of Family Guy, until I was forced to watch it several times a day by my significant other. Ted was ok. Being familiar with MacFarlane’s work, I felt I had an idea of what to expect going in. Lots of boy humor, and dumb men doing dumb, ridiculous things. Snappy one liners poking fun at current events and other political situations. What I did not expect, was to actually laugh, quite hard, at well written and constructed jokes in a movie with a fairly cliche plot. Boy loses girl, meets new girl, gets over old girl because he realizes she never really loved him kind of story. 

Picture it. 1882. Arizona. The Frontier, where life expectancy is 35. Seth MacFarlane plays Albert (nice frontier timey name), a sheep farmer. He’s not a very good sheep farmer. Already in the first couple minutes he has his life threatened by a more western-like cowboy type, who’s upset because his (Albert’s) sheep ate all his grass. Albert is later dumped by his girlfriend, Louise (Seyfried), and then meets Anna(Charlize Theron) during a bar fight. Little does he know, Anna is not only married, but she’s married to the best gunslinger in the Frontier. 

The script doesn’t rely too heavily on the plot here. Liam Neesen is a cowboy. He doesn’t even try to hide his accent. The wardrobe is also not authentically western. This film was a way for MacFarlane to exercise his comedicl talents. There are also a few pleasantly surprising cameos, which I would not dare spoil for you. They emerge throughout the film and are sparse enough to where we’re not thinking, “Ok, I’ve had enough now.” See Anchorman 2 if you don’t know what I’m talking about. 

I’d also like to mention Neil Patrick Harris. He’s the coolest handlebar mustache sporting, mustache aficionado, mustachery owner, ever. Must have a mustache. If only I were a man and could grow a mustache. I apologize for this paragraph. It makes no sense. Mustache. 

This movie is great. From beginning to end. Loved it. Opens May 30, 2014. 


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I taught a group of children in north London. They are the strangest group of human beings I have ever seen assembled in one place together, right? You can all relax, they weren’t special needs. I’ll talk you through some of them. There was a child called Marwood in that group. Never believed that was his real name. He was the king of the weirdos and I’ll prove it with one description. I once said to him, ‘Hey Marwood, what are you going to do when you leave school?’ No hesitation, he goes, ‘I’m going to be one of two things, sir. I’m gonna be a train driver or a gynecologist.’ I said, ‘They are rather contrasting professions, Marwood.’ He didn’t pause, he went, ‘No, no, you’re right, sir, they are. I suppose at the end of the day I just like tunnels.’
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nem ígérem, hogy ez lesz az utolsó.


nem ígérem, hogy ez lesz az utolsó.

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everyone is getting into relationships and growing up and I’m just getting lazier and finding more tv series to watch

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Courage isn’t a tap you can turn on or off.

Courage isn’t permanent, it’s a tenuous and fickle thing.

Courage and cowardice exist in every man.

Get over it.

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There needs to be more Harold MacDougal.

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Johnny Depp -The Rum Diary


Johnny Depp -The Rum Diary

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Man Down series 2: Rik Mayall will feature more heavily says Greg Davies


being cremated is my last hope of getting a hot, smoking body

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Holy shit I miss this show. * doesn’t leave the house all day due to extensive IT Crowd binge*

IT Crowd Summery

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When I stopped at a crosswalk today this guy pulled up next to me, rolled his window down, and stuck his head out, and at first I was like ‘Oh no street harassment here it comes.’ but then the guy was like “DUDE! LOOK AT THAT HUGE RAINBOW BEHIND YOU.” 

The only appropriate thing for a dude to shout at me out a car window.

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‘stop being overdramatic’ they say

‘i dont know what you mean’ i say as i descend from the ceiling, surrounded by mist

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