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being cremated is my last hope of getting a hot, smoking body

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Holy shit I miss this show. * doesn’t leave the house all day due to extensive IT Crowd binge*

IT Crowd Summery

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When I stopped at a crosswalk today this guy pulled up next to me, rolled his window down, and stuck his head out, and at first I was like ‘Oh no street harassment here it comes.’ but then the guy was like “DUDE! LOOK AT THAT HUGE RAINBOW BEHIND YOU.” 

The only appropriate thing for a dude to shout at me out a car window.

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‘stop being overdramatic’ they say

‘i dont know what you mean’ i say as i descend from the ceiling, surrounded by mist

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Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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I’m sorry for flooding the dash with this show but it’s so good

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everyone is getting into relationships and growing up and I’m just getting lazier and finding more tv series to watch

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Courage isn’t a tap you can turn on or off.

Courage isn’t permanent, it’s a tenuous and fickle thing.

Courage and cowardice exist in every man.

Get over it.

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There needs to be more Harold MacDougal.

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Okay so I got bored and decided to do a quick drawing of Professor MacDougal. Then laughed for about fiver minutes at the word ‘MacDoodle’

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Bursting into tears in a café is not the best look. It has been a bad day.

But at least I wasn’t watching Time Team.

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